Supply Chain



For our buyers we offer a fine mix of product, price and delivery because we know their business needs well.This understanding enables us to anticipate their needs and minimise risk.

While our support for broad commodity needs remain strong, over the past decade we have seen increasingly specialised requests from buyers seeking particular qualities to match their end product assurances to their clients. For example, organic protein meals, GMO free, certain min/max specs on animal/veg proteins/oils. We can discern between these given our broad knowledge and identify certain suppliers to match these special needs.



Australia and New Zealand’s vast pastoral base offers us a broad choice of soft commodities to procure, process, trade and export, both locally and abroad.

With several decades of international trading experience behind us we have also developed a select network of suppliers located in productive agricultural regions around the globe. This network enables us to procure and deliver from the most competitive and reliable sources.

Our regular market updates keep our producers aware of what's happening with pricing and what trends are emerging. This enables short-listing of the best options to realise their production potential and time to creatively work and prepare for any opportunities or problems.

Trading Network


We maintain our market savvy through a dynamic trading network established across core markets. This is not an administrative operation. It's a 'hands on' business.

We are in constant daily communication so that our response to opportunities is immediate. We also pick up any new buying trends as they first develop which enables us in turn to keep our suppliers quickly posted.