Our Story

The Standard Commodities Story


Specialist International Agri Merchants & Manufacturers in rural based sustainable, chemical and toxin free best practice enterprises,

Growth & Vision

Successfully operating for more than 25 years, our growth can be viewed in three distinct stages: 

1989-2000: Commodities Trader

Standard Commodities a 'boutique' trading firm bridging the gap between suppliers and buyers. Business was built on a foundation of strong supply relationships which ensured a reliable supply of high quality commodities (Grains, Oilseeds, Fats & Oils, Protein meals and Agri By-Products) at realistic pricing. This niche positioning enabled us to expand our services around the globe to a network of buyers. 

2001-2011: Commodity Services Partner

As the world welcomed a new millennium in 2000, we adjusted our business model to fit the connected Internet Age. Standard Commodities adapted its capability to operate as part of a transparent, end-to-end supply chain partnership with our suppliers and our buyers. In this new partnership, growth of one stakeholder has been dependent upon the growth of all. For our part, we have been able to add value to the supply chain process by leveraging our intimate knowledge of the needs of buyers and sellers, as well as our ability to realise and pass on economies of scale form global logistic operations. The expertise of commodity risk management, vast experience in shipping and financial execution established the business for the new era.

2012 to now : Standard Commodities Value Adding Partner.

Standard Commodities has always been active in New Zealand, predominantly buying and exporting animal by-products, supplying imported feed and grain commodities through its company SCNZ, located in Christchurch NZ. Our consolidated global networks allow us to offer our New Zealand buyers and sellers greater choice and more competitively priced options. In Asia we partner with offices in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.  Standard Commodities has invested in value adding commodities and securing ownership of best practice companies in oilseed processing, hay/fibre/fodder production, pelleting for ruminants, dairy and livestock. Our group is enthusiastic about bio energy farming and research. These best practice companies include Cootamundra Oilseeds, Premier Feed & Fibre and Bio Energy Plantations Australia.