We offer a mix of directly sourced commodities warehoused and processed locally, as well as commodities sourced globally from a select number of reputable and reliable suppliers of long standing.

Custom Specifications

For min/max specification limits or quality variation to match buyers’ needs we can ship as requested including additives / treatments.


When requested to meet importing country regulations, a licensed operator conducts fumigation to meet international standards.


For packing requirements such as drums for tallow and liquid cargo, small to large (jumbo) bags, ISO or Flexibags, we can provide total flexibility for customers around the globe.

Quality Assurance


Product Quality

Product quality is surveyed upon receipt and again at load to meet international and domestic standards in Australia and New Zealand.

Clients may have their own survey/analysis specific instructions that they wish us to carry out.

Health Department rules in each country of origin (ie Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - DAFF, or in New Zealand, the Ministry for Primary Industries - MPI) are strictly observed to ensure all health requirements are satisfied.




We maintain commercial relationships with the world’s most reliable shipping companies. With our global volume of business we are able to acquire competitive rates and ensure efficient delivery times.

Local Transport

To streamline transport for all items we organise delivery of packed goods direct from industry to shipping terminal. We deliver products anytime, from anywhere to meet cut-off times at shipping terminals.