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Ian and Mark Brown

Canowindra Produce Company

We started operating in the 1930s in Canowindra as a domestic grain and chaff business.

In the 80s new market opportunities arose which Standard Commodities helped us to develop. During the decade of drought there were periods where these markets lay idle. In spite of this inactivity we stayed in touch. The moment conditions improved Standard was quick to respond and re-establish market activity.

There are now new opportunities in the Middle East and Far East where they’re rapidly developing their own dairy industries. With our access to Standard’s large dairy company network in this region we’re experiencing strong export growth for our processed forage and alfalfa hay.

Buyers Speak


Mr Joonsun Kim, Ians Corporation (far left) with fellow

Korean buyer visit the source of their hay supply

We have the same philosophy as Standard to expand from broad based commodity trading. So we have now developed a customised service. We provide this to the increasing number of dairy and poultry farmers who seek a quality feedstock of specific formulation.

We buy from Standard because of their reliable delivery. We also appreciate their transparency and how they link us to their strong market relationships.  

Being in a position to work and cooperate with Standard Commodities has been very beneficial to our business growth.