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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Australia is a large country and can experience the full gamut of weather conditions all at the same time- so that  currently ,while water and crops are plentiful in parts of NSW and Victoria , up in the north of the country( Central Queensland)  they are in the throws of serious drought with no end in sight within the short term.

Australian dollar is tracking around USD95c making it a challenge for the exporter to remain competitive on pricing.

All eyes are on the new USA Cottonseed crop which is delayed in ginning due to late planting and now Tropical storm Karen which is threatening to become a hurricane. Firmer pricing could eventuate with USD310-340mt FOB levels around where Cottonseed is trading for export.

We are all excited about the new Hay season with a significant crop expected on Alfalfa. The huge amounts of rain that hit Canada and the USA over the last few months have tightened up the supply of Premium and Supreme grades of Alfalfa. This is a good opportunity for Australian growers to make up the stop gap for Dairy and Equine end users in Asia and the Middle east.

We have been exporting a variety of feed pellets into Asia and the Middle east including Alfalfa, Cottonseed meal/hull, Lupin , and Mixed grain dairy at prices ranging from USD220-400mt depending on the port of destination. We are very much looking forward to the next few months on all Fibre and forage - plenty going on here in Australia and right around the world.




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